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Traditional Haori Kimono

It’s traditional, graceful, and modest. With only a touch of modernity, this collection reinvents itself as a versatile fashion piece so you can rely on it year-round.

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Aesthetic Haori Kimono

A bold and exotic take on kimono with a deep soul. Unique in every way, with a clean, modern, and timeless aesthetic.

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Long Haori Jacket

Lightweight and effortless to wear, making it one of our most versatile pieces. It does double duty as a stylish cardigan for warmer weather, or an elegant layer over your favorite dress.

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What is Haori Kimono and About Our Store

Haori is a traditional Japanese jacket worn over a kimono. Unlike a coat or blazer, it is not meant to be fastened or to fit closely. The hems and sleeves of the haori are typically an inch or two longer than those of a kimono. They generally comes in muted colors and is often patterned with flowers, stripes, cranes, or bamboo. They are an excellent choice to dress up any western outfit for both men and women.

Reinvent your look with our collection, the Japanese-inspired kimono-style jacket. Our version features a lightweight fabric for all seasons, a cropped fit for versatility, and contrast piping for added interest. You can find many styles in our store including streetwear style, traditional style, and aesthetic style.